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Hair transplant clinic in Nice

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The clinic

The NHC hair transplant clinic is located in the heart of Nice’s Golden Square, in a luxurious, discreet and professional setting. The NHC teams working there have been trained and specialized in this field for several years. They have international experience, particularly in Portugal, Brazil and Belgium. This international expertise enables the NHC clinic to offer high-quality services and respond to the specific needs of each patient. Whether you’re looking for a complete hair transplant or baldness correction, the NHC team will guide you through the entire process, offering personalized care and natural results.
The clinic’s transplant rooms are at your disposal, as are the rooms available for your lunch break or for resting. The entire team is used to organizing your visit and stay before and after your treatments.
Situated 15 minutes by cab or tram from Nice Côte d’Azur international airport, the clinic is easily accessible and can cater for patients from all over France and Europe;


Many French and European patients travel to Turkey for their hair transplants, attracted by the low or “cheap” rates. As in France, they may come across quality centers or lesser-quality centers, as low prices mean that they cannot offer reliable, repeatable results.
At NHC, we put ourselves in our patients’ shoes and want to offer hair, beard and eyebrow transplants at a competitive price. At our hair transplant center, we can offer you competitive rates without sacrificing the quality of the result, the number of implants or the high level of specialized care provided by our doctors and plastic surgeons.
Our prices start from €2,000 all-inclusive and will be tailored to your needs.
Don’t hesitate to book your first consultation-diagnosis appointment via videoconference to find out the price of your hair transplant.

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